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Q: Why Should my air conditioner be serviced yearly?

A: Air Conditioners are filled with a high pressure gas (refrigerant)

The outdoor unit (the condensing unit) Must be able to cool this gas

If the outdoor unit becomes clogged with dust, dirt, or debris, the gas pressure will rise, leading to reduced efficiency and a greater risk of leaks

A Condensing unit with a clogged condenser, before cleaning

The same Condensing unit after cleaning

Although air conditioners should never leak any refrigerant gas, they often do

An Air conditioner that has leaked refrigerant will operate less efficiently and could possibly be damaged by low refrigerant.

This is because the refrigerant is also used to cool the compressor

Air conditioner condensing units (outdoor units) also employ contactors and capacitors to start their compressors

Contactors and capacitors don't need to be changed at regular intervals, however they should be checked yearly

A failed capacitor won't be able to start a compressor, which could cause the compressor windings to burn out

A yearly inspection and/or service to check refrigerant pressures and the electrical system can help prevent loss of efficiency and reduce the risk of damage

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